Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The end is in sight

Hi everyone, I am building one of the show gardens at the Spring Show, it's called The Owl and the Pussycat. I started work on it just over a year ago as I decided to grow most of my own plants! It seemed quite easy then, just a few packets of seed, split up some large clumps of perennials and beg borrow or possible steal plants from friends and family.

If only it was that easy. All 300 foxglove seeds germinated, the plants in the greenhouse and poly tunnel were nibbled by mice and we have had weeks of sub zero temperatures. I've spent a fortune in parrafin for the greenhouse heaters and have sleepless nights worrying about whether we will have flowers for the show. If not we have a lovely garden in shades of green.

I have been keeping a diary that I am going to make into a book for the show. I will put some of the pages on the blog.

Please come and visit the garden, I'll probably be a nervous wreck by then, look out for the mad woman with a wine bottle in her hand babbling on about potting up foxgloves.


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  1. Hi Pat - thanks for your comment and Twitter Follow :)

    I would love to feature you on Meet @ Malvern. I can think of 2 options - we use your first post to introduce you and link to your blog for more, or you write a guest post specially for the blog telling everyone a little bit more about what you've done at Malvern before and looking forward to this year. This would also link to your blog.

    Either option would work, though of course the second one means more work for you! Tell me what you decide...